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Here you'll find destash and collectible items that don't fit on my etsy store. Again, 100% of my profits go to my various charity events.


I have items on sale here OR http://celebraterecovery.etsy.com


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"To Someone Special" Pin

Poem says:

Through all the phases of my life

you've been there with a gentle touch

Thank you for the love and care

which have always meant so much

 "In Love And Friendship" Pin

Poem says:

Countless are the times you have stood by my side

Through moments I succeeded, through moments I cried

Now in love and friendship, I want to let you know

How very much you mean to me and that I love you so.


" To You... With Love" Pin

Poem says:

So many times I've tried to say the feelings in my heart

But there's so much love inside of me I don't know where to start

So let me tell you now and please believe it's true

There's nothing that means more to me than sharing life with you.


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