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A Work Of Heart Zine Is Here!

My charity zine is finally complete! It was such a labor of love, deciding what to put in, what to write, etc.

A Work Of Heart is a 14 page zine with stories, event photos, charity directory, links, & so much more. It features info on many amazing charities that I'm involved with.

My hope is that this zine inspires you to get involved, no matter what capacity.

The cost for the zine is $2, which covers printing, fees, & shipping. Each month comes with a little gift also. 100% of the profits are donated, of course. You can also order a 6 month subscription for $10 and you'll receive a free gift from my Etsy store.

For more info and to order, please go to A Work Of Heart page on my website. Thank you!

To Order

You can order A Work Of Heart a few different ways:

+ ETSY: You can purchase it at my etsy store http://celebraterecovery.etsy.com

+ PAYPAL: You can purchase it right here via Paypal



+ SNAIL MAIL: You can send well concealed cash to:

Heather Nelson /PO Box 6208 / Lakewood CA 90714

(Pls email me first to tell me you're sending payment)


This charity zine, A Work Of Heart, was written and created by Heather Nelson.

A Work Of Heart comes out on the 15th of every month. Submissions are due by the 1st of the month to be included for the current issue.

We welcome ALL submissions. Articles, photos, charity ideas, organization listings, etc. If you’d like to submit an article, your organization information, events, etc., please feel free to contact us:



Heather Nelson / PO Box 6208 / Lakewood, CA 90714

heatherinsocal.wordpress.com / heathernelson.webs.com / celebraterecovery.etsy.com