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Long Beach Sunday Market Kids Korner

COMING AUGUST 1: Kids Kraft Korner!

Starting on August 1, Brianne’s Basics will be hosting a Kids Kraft Korner at the Long Beach Sunday Market.


Every first Sunday, the Market has an Arts Theme. So for our kick-off event, we’re having the kids make Summer Journals, which are pretty  cute and easy. We’re asking all the kids to bring photos and mementos to make the books. We’re also taking pictures for them to put in the books.


We’re also kicking off monthly charity drives! For August 1, we’re collecting both school supplies and items for the  troops, benefitting Love In The Mirror and Soldier’s Angels. (To see exactly what we’re collecting, click on the links). Each month, we’ll have a different theme and we’ll be collecting different items.


Each craft is a $1-2 donation, depending on the craft.


I am very very excited to be taking on this project for this awesome Sunday Market! It’s a very family-centric place. I have  three kids, and I obviously do a ton of charity work. They say charity  begins at home. So I’m trying to do more in the Long Beach area.


I was also inspired by Kids Are Heroes. Kids can change the world, one event at a time.


If you’d like more information on sponsoring a craft, or having us collect items for your charity, please contact Heather at heathercrownelson {at} gmail.com

Back To School Charity Drive

Needed donations (all supplies must be brand new)

* Backpacks for middle school students

* Box of pencils

* Package of blue or black pens

* Red pens

* Pencil pouch

* College ruled spiral bound 1 subject notebook

* Box of colored pencils

* 2" binder

* Large eraser

Support Our Troops Drive

The following are used in care packages.  Please note that items must be new and unopened:


Powdered Drink Mixes   
   (individual packets are best)
Cookies, crackers, pretzels
   (in snack sizes)
Tuna in a pouch
Beef, chicken or turkey jerky
Cheese spread (no aerosol cans!)
Ramen noodles
Snack cakes
Granola bars
Pop Tarts
Dried fruit
Trail mix
Red licorice twists
Tootsie Rolls (both candy and lollipops)
Peanut butter Triscuits
Wheat Thins
Canned meats (no pork products)
Hard candy (individually-wrapped)

Sports Equipment

Baseball gloves
Soccer balls
Squirt guns

Entertainment AA & AAA batteries
Craft kits
Scrapbooking materials
Books (mysteries, action, drama, science fiction)
Magazines – new or nearly new
     (sports, news, entertainment, travel, nature)
Playing cards
Small hand-held games
Crossword puzzles

Hygiene Supplies
Facial cleansing pads
Moisturizing lotion
Wet Wipes
Eye drops
Lip balm
Body wash
Shampoo and conditioner
Foot powder

Blank cards
Stationary, paper
Ziploc bags (sandwich, qt., gal. sizes)