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Meet Pink-Beary

Meet Pink-Beary! I’m working on the program to have Pink-Beary travel around to different organizations and events to visit the people who donate to. She’ll be spreading her message of charity and giving.

Basically, we’re just trying to spread the word about volunteering. Maybe it’s your first time volunteering? Schedule Pink-Beary for a visit & bring her along! Participating in a big event like my friend Teresa? Pink-Beary will come & support you!

Just like Miles The Bear, the entire purpose is to promote charity work & volunteering. Every single person can make a difference. A donation of canned food to a Food Pantry, participation in a big event. It all adds up. Won’t you help also?

What & Who Is Pink-Beary?

Here are the details. (Naturally, we’re still working things out.)

+ You would host Pink-Beary for a week. Take her to local sites, take pictures, etc.

+ Pink-Beary will come with copies of my charity newsletter/zine. The purpose of my newsletter is simply to show others just how easy volunteering is!

+ As a thank you, we’ll donate a small amount to one of our events in your name. If you’d like to send Pink-Beary home with a small donation as well, that would be wonderful but it’s not mandatory to participate.


Pink-Beary's Intinerary

+ June 2-9: Relay For Life in Hanover IL

+ June 14-25: Visiting Lesa & friends at Bear Haven Boutique in Schuylkill Haven, PA

Be A Pink-Beary Host!

If you'd like more information on hosting Pink-Beary, please email us at 4briannesbasics@gmail.com

Pink-Beary Pics!